Audio and Video Gallery for Composition

Han Xu is a composer who focuses on exploring traditional acoustic music, electroacoustic music, and the essence of sound.

Buddha Holds the Flower -London Symphony Orchestra

Etude No.8 M&W – Yarn/Wire

Etude no.1 Reassembling the Social – Israeli Chamber Project

Reassembling Sense Red Desert Ensemble

Etude No.5 Cyber Buddha – Buddhist Chanting and Electroacoustic Music

Eternity Ascending – Flute and Silent Piano

Live performance in Shanghai by Han Xu & 19 Sound Lab

Illusion – Wet Ink Ensemble with Installation

Bathing the Buddha – Electroacoustic Music

Electro-水墨(Electro-Water Ink) for Amplified Ensemble

Eternity Ascending for Flute and Silent Piano