In 2023, Han is selected by the Composers Conference as a Fromm Foundation Composition Fellow. Han is commissioned by Contemporary Performance Institute (CPI) with conductor Vimbayi Kaziboni and the KOE duo. Han will collaborate with Kurt Rohde, Michelle Lou, Zeena Parkins, and many composers and performers.

In 2022, I am not u are not me for Percussion Duo, Sonic Machine Learning Installation, and Interactive Visual installation (2022) was performed by NOMON

In 2022, Han’s Can One Hear the Shape of a Drum? I: Diagnosing & Symptom II: A Song of Snare Drum III: Trio-some for Installed Snare Drum and Installed Bass Drum was premiered by Greg Stuart.

In 2022, Han’s Reassembling Sense for Algorithmic Instruments was premiered by Red Desert Ensemble. 

In 2021, Han’s Étude No.1 was premiered by the Israeli Chamber Project in the United States.

Collaborate with Yarn/Wire in 2021 for the first premiere of Étude No. 8 M&W in New York. 

In 2021, Han’s sound installation piece Illusions for installation and Wet Ink Ensemble was exhibited online.

Étude No.3 Peking Opera in the Fog for 8-channel (ambisonic) electroacoustic music was premiered at Cornell University Moog Festival in 2020 

In 2020, Han’s piece Étude No.5 Cyber Buddha for electronic, chanting, and virtual interactive installation was commissioned by the Buddha’s Light International Association of Master Hsing Yun and Cornell Electroacoustic Music Center, which was recorded by the Cornell Chronicle.

Selected by 2017-2018 London Symphony Orchestra Panufnik Composer Scheme(one of six composers).

Orchestral piece Buddha Holds the Flower through the ashes of the fragrance, the blissful grandeur rises was performed by London Symphony Orchestra for the LSO Panufnik Composer Scheme on 18 March 2018 in London. 

Selected by BBC Singers workshop in London 2015. The rehearsal of his piece Stillness was recorded by BBC radio and live broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on Nov 26th, 2015. The score is collected by BBC Music Library.

Both of Han’s sound art pieces Blind Opera for practitioners, bending eyeless electric masks, and Étude No. 7 for practitioners, video feedback, and disassembled trombone were premiered at Thailand New Music and Arts Symposium in 2020. 

Orchestral piece Paramita for Buddhist Choir and RNCM Symphony Orchestra recorded and broadcasted by the Buddha’s Light International Association TV station by Master Hsing Yun 

In 2015, Han’s err was premiered by Manchester Camerata 

Selected by GongGeng College – CHEN Qigang music workshop in January 2019. CHEN Qigang, Composition Director and Head of Adjudication Committee NCPA (National Centre for the Performing Arts, China)Young Composer Programme 

Installation Art for Buddhist Sutra Chanting of Electrical Signal was commissioned by Peking University Resource Group Art Gallery for exhibition 

Fieldwork research on Tibetan Buddhism in Lasa in the summer of 2016 

Fieldwork research in Dunhuang for the Buddhist culture in the summer of 2017 

As one of three selected LSO Panufnik Composers, Han gave a lecture in Beijing, China at the International Platform China Conservatory of Music(IPCCM) 

Collaboration with Professor Patrick Gaydecki who is the Professor of Digital Signal Processing from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of Manchester 

Composition for the following items
1. Activity in the real-time digital emulation of violins. 

2. Investigating brain states when listening to various types of violin music by using EEG recordings of the prefrontal cortex.

Interviewed by BBC Radio Manchester Eastern Horizon on 7th May 2017


Han is currently a doctoral candidate at Cornell University

Han is currently a teaching assistant for the Computer Music lecture and Music Theory lecture at Cornell University. 

In 2019, Han started his Doctoral of Musical Art in Composition with a full scholarship in the music department at Cornell University 

In 2017, Han finished the Master of Music in Composition degree with distinction at Royal Northern College of Music. 

Han started studying Master of Music in Composition with a scholarship in the School of Composition at the Royal Northern College of Music with Professor Adam Gorb and Professor Emily Howard from 2015 to 2017. 

Han is one of six composers of the London Symphony Orchestra Panufnik Scheme and studied with composer Colin Matthews from 2017-2018

In 2017, Han studied Conducting with conductor Mark Heron at the RNCM 

In 2016, Han studied and worked for Electric Experimental Ensemble with composer Dr. Mauricio Pauly 

In 2014, Han started studying Euphonium performance with a scholarship at the RNCM with Professor Steven Mead and David Thornton. 

In 2015, Han finished the degree of Master of Music in Performance at the Royal Northern College of Music. 

In 2012, Han finished the degree of Bachelor of Music (Musicology& Computer Music) at the Communication University of China. 


Sage Fellowship from Graduate School at Cornell University 

2020-2021 Otto R. Stahl Memorial Award at Cornell University 

Royal Northern College of Music scholarship 2014 -2015 for solo performance

Royal Northern College of Music scholarship 2015-2016 for composition 

Arnold Cooke Award for composition research 2016- 2017. 

London Symphony Orchestra Bursary 2017-2018