Xu Han 许瀚 ( Beijing China) is a composer, scholar, sound artist, and improviser who has gained a great deal of inspiration from Buddhist Philosophy.

Han is currently a composition doctoral candidate at Cornell University. He finished a music master degree in composition (graduating with distinction) from the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) Manchester, the UK. Han studies with Adam Gorb, Emily Howard, Roberto Sierra, Benjamin D. Piekut, Trevor J. Pinch, Marianthi Papaleandri-Alexandri, and Kevin Ernste.

Han’s works have been performed by London Symphony Orchestra, BBC Singers, Wet Ink Ensemble, Israeli Chamber Project, Red Desert Ensemble, Yarn/Wire, Greg Stuart, Manchester Camerata, Red Dessert, Tacet(i) Ensemble, Cornell Festival Chamber Orchestra, RNCM Symphony Orchestra, RNCM Big Band, and RNCM Wind Orchestra.

Han attended masterclasses of Tania León, Chaya Czernowin, Colin Matthews, Louis Andriessen, Krzysztof Penderecki, Qigang Chen, Chen Yi, Zhou Long, Mark- Anthony Turnage, Brian Ferneyhough, Simon Bainbridge, Judith Weir, Paul Patterson, Gary Carpenter, David Horne, Tim Garland, Elaine Gould, Anders Hillborg, and Tonia Ko.

As a sound artist and a scholar of sound studies, Han also attended classes, presentations, and lectures of Brandon LaBelle, Marcel Zaels, Seth Cluett, Nora Gomringer, Mario Mazzoli, Zeynep Bulut, Sebastian Lexer, Dmitry Gelfand, Evelina Domnitch, Matteo Marangoni, Pe Lang, Juliane Beck, Barbara London, G. Douglas Barrett, Alan Licht, Gascia Ouzounian, Marie Thompson, Christoph Cox, Mauricio Pauly, and Nicolas Collins.

Han has been supported by scholarships from Sage Fellowship from Graduate School at Cornell University, Otto R. Stahl Memorial Award, RNCM School of Composition, RNCM School of Wind, Brass and Percussion, Peking University Resource Group, and was also the recipient of the British Composer Arnold Cooke Award and London Symphony Orchestra Bursary.