List of Composition Works


I am not u are not me for Percussion Duo, Sonic Machine Learning Installation, and Interactive Visual installation (2022) Performed by: NOMON

Reassembling Sense for Algorithmic Instruments (2022) 17‘ Performed by: Red Desert Ensemble.

Étude No.1 for Ensemble, Objects, and 8 Channels (ambisonic)Live Electronic (2019-2021) 21’50’’ Performed by Israeli Chamber Project

Étude No.8 M&W for Piano and Percussion Quartet (2021) 8’ Performed by Yarn/Wire

Illusions for Flute, Violin, and Cello with virtual Installation (2021) 40’ Performed by Wet Ink Ensemble

Étude No. 7 for practitioners, video feedback and disassembled trombone (2020) 20’ Performed by 19 SoundLab and TACETi ensemble

Electro- 水墨(Electro – Water · Ink)  for Amplified Ensemble (2017) 20‘ Performed by RNCM Amplified Ensemble

String Quartet No.1 (2016) 7’ Performed by RNCM Composer lab String Quartet

err. for Five Instruments (2015) 5’ Performed by Manchester Camerata Ensemble 

Symphony Orchestra

伊萨卡的森林里藏着禅-菩萨如是说 The Hidden Zen Amidst the Forest in Ithaca – Thus Spoke Bodhisattva for Symphony Orchestra (2022) 12′

Buddha Holds the FlowerThrough the ashes of the fragrance, the blissful grandeur rises (2018) 5′ Performed by London Symphony Orchestra in its composer scheme project(2017-2018).

波罗蜜多 Paramita  for Buddhist Choir and Symphony Orchestra (2016) 15′ Performed by RNCM (Royal Northern College of Music Student Orchestra) Symphony Orchestra

Mask Opera(Tibetan Opera) for Symphony Orchestra  (2017) 11’ Performed by RNCM Symphony Orchestra

Large Ensemble

Super Short Sinfonietta Etude for Sinfonietta (2022) 3′ Performed by Cornell Festival Sinfonietta.

QIANG QIANG (The Dance of Phoenix) for Wind Band (2016) 5’ Performed by RNCM (Royal Northern College of Music Student Orchestra) Wind Band

pmuJ kcolC’O enO for Big Band (2017) 7‘ Performed by RNCM Experimental Big Band

北罔 North Sorrow for Twelve Instruments (2015) 8’ Performed by RNCM Large Ensemble of Composer Lab

Solo Work

Avalokitesvara 观·音( seeing sound) for cymbal controller and interactive vision (2023)

Can One Hear the Shape of a Drum? for Installed Snare Drum and Installed Bass Drum (2022) by GREG STUART. I: Diagnosing & Symptom II: A Song of Snare Drum III: Trio-some

Eternity Ascending  for Solo Flute and Sustain Pedal (2015) 8′ Performed by Xiong Feng


空 KONG (Stillness) for Chorus (2015) 4‘ Performed by BBC Singers. The score of this piece is collected by BBC Music Library.


Étude No.3 Peking Opera in the Fog for 8 channel (ambisonic) Electroacoustic Music (2020) 10’ Commission by Cornell Moog Festival.

Étude No.5 Cyber Buddha for 4-channels Electroacoustic Music, Chanting, and Virtual interactive installation (2020) 25′  Performed by Han Xu and Venerable YouWang.

Bathing the Buddha (SuonaSpeaker)  for Electroacoustic Music (2011) 9’

Sound Installation & New Instrument

Parasite · Implosion – Coding Installation (2022)

Reassembling Sense – Algorithmic Instruments and Practitioners (2022)

Unlock Your Sonic Experience -Live Coding (encode and decode) Installation (2021)

Consciousness Blurring – Wind Wheel (2021)

Illusion – Drone (2021)

Étude No. 7 – performative Installation for practitioners, video feedback, and disassembled trombone (2021)

Blind Opera – Programming Mask and Practitioners (2021)

Constellation – Octagonal Feedback System (2020)

Lullaby – Video Poem (2020)

Bodhisattva – Virtual Installtion (2020)