Han is a sound artist who focuses on alternative space, body presence, acoustic fact, and technology

Sound Installations

Can One Hear the Shape of a Drum? for Installed Snare Drum and Installed Bass Drum was premiered by Greg Stuart

Avalokitesvara 观·音( seeing sound) for cymbal controller and interactive vision

Parasite · Implosion – Coding Installation

Constellation – Octagonal Feedback System

Illusion – Drone by ( human and non-human)- Wet Ink Ensemble

Unlock Your Sonic Experience -Live Coding (encode and decode) Installation

Bodhisattva – Virtual Installtion

Blind Opera – Programming Mask with Practitioners

Consciousness Blurring – Wind Wheel

Reassembling Sense – Algorithmic Instruments with Practitioners

Video Installations

Lullaby – Video Poem